Charter Services

Charter Services

To experience personalized and flexible flying, simply make a call or E-mail to EATC, and then we will fly you anywhere, anytime. Our highly-trained and experienced crew adheres to international operating standards and is committed to assuring you of a safe journey with the highest degree of privacy.

With our experts customized the following details for you, EATC’s VIPs, you can experience the ultimate in comfort:

  • 24/7 flight support for your tailor-made itineraries
  • Fine cuisine and vintage wines by five-star hotels
  • Ground transportation and accommodation arrangement
  • Efficient route planning at worldwide airport
Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Reflecting on the extreme high demand for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation in the region, EATC provides air ambulance services via its two subsidiaries AA International Taiwan and AeroMed Global located respectively in Taipei and Singapore. The service area covered by AA International and AeroMed Global is not limited to the Asian region, but can be extended through our worldwide network.

Our Medical Flight service offers a 24hour/7day standby emergency and non-emergency medical transport call centre service. We serve our Clients and Customers with the utmost care and professionalism. Combining the aptitude and capacity of our highly trained medical air-crews and ground management team, we are committed to provide service excellence and cost effective solutions for our Clients. Our services constantly evolve around the safety and stability of our Customers’ medical condition prior to any arrangement of air transportation from one destination to another.

Please contact us at +886 2 8712 5280 or to find out how EATC can support you.

Handling Services

Handling Services

Ground Handling

EATC provides ground handling services at all Taiwan international airports (TPE/RCTP, KHH/RCKH, TSA/RCSS) and military joint airports (RMQ/RCMQ, TNN/RCNN, HUN/RCYU, MZG/RCQC). We offer private and corporate aircraft handling for both domestic and international flights. We are striving to give our clients the highest quality of services and the best values deals.

Our ground handling services includes:

  • Supervision & Coordination for flight status
  • Landing permit application
  • Technical equipment and service arrangement
  • VIP terminal and CIQS arrangement
  • Refueling service arrangement
  • Catering service arrangement
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangement

Flight Support

EATC also performs as a turn-key flight support department, offering flight operations services, flight crew assistance, maintenance, and a range of other services. When providing all preparation, routing, flight permit application for your personal or leased/chartered aircraft, EATC takes care of your travel requirements and procedures in compliance with the regulatory authorities and with the highest level of quality and safety, keeping constantly in mind your efficiency, cost and safety concerns and at the same time allowing you to retain full control of the aircraft.

Our flight specialists will arrange global itineraries that are appropriate, efficient and cost-effective. We understand the possibilities of last-minute changes, so our specialists are accessible on a 24/7 basis. Their global experience enables us to provide a range of flight support services including:

  • Flight planning and applying landing and over-flight permits
  • Arranging fuel provision and ground handling
  • Transportation arrangement and hotel accommodations

Please contact us at +886 9 6656 6787 or to find out how EATC can support your flights.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

At EATC, we fully understand the private and corporate aircraft business and are capable of meeting all your needs within this highly regulated industry, with strict privacy and confidentiality.

All aspects of the operation of your aircraft are under our full-scale management, including:

  • Screening, selection, training and scheduling of your dedicated flight crew
  • Detailed and transparent monthly finance reporting and payments
  • Fiscal budgeting
  • Engineering and Maintenance Oversight, Troubleshooting and Rectification
  • AOG (Aircraft Technical Problem) Resources Management
  • Regulatory compliant and registration
  • Thorough and detailed flight scheduling, dispatch and ground handling
  • All administrative and human resource responsibilities
  • Manage all your international travel related needs

Furthermore, when placing your aircraft under EATC’s Air Operator’s Certificate, we provide you with the option to charter out your aircraft when you are not using it and reduce the cost of ownership while retaining full control over it.

Moreover, the EATC’s tailor-made aircraft management solutions offer aircraft owners the possibility to select only the services that meet their personal requirements, retaining for example their own flight crew or keeping the airplane under a foreign registration.

Please contact us at +886 2 8712 5280 or to find out how EATC’s customers enjoy the best aircraft management service in Taiwan.

Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Acquisition

Whether you are a new buyer or wish to resell your current aircraft and upgrade to a new type, EATC is you ideal partner to help you to make the right choice.

What we can do for you:

  1. Cost and operation analysis in accordance with your needs and operating budget to help determine your needs
  2. Discover the best opportunities in the world
  3. Arrange visual audit and demonstration flight, and execute price negotiation for buyers
  4. Arrange a comprehensive pre-purchase technical inspection
  5. Negotiate contract terms and review with legal advices
  6. Post-closing including documentation, registration, exportation, tax exemption, modification and refurbishment, etc.
Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales

Please contact us at +886 2 8712 5280 or to find out how EATC’s customers enjoy the best aircraft sales service in Taiwan.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

In addition to Kaohsiung (KHH/RCKH), EATC can dispatch its personnel to all other domestic or international airports in Taiwan to perform line maintenance. KHH is an international airport with frequent connecting flights enabling quick delivery of spare parts. To ensure quality maintenance and superior safety, reliability and performance, EATC’s personnel strictly follow manufacturer procedures and attend aircraft-specific training sessions to remain up to date on new advances in technology. Our maintenance services is available on a 24/7 basis.

Our facilities

EATC has a state-of-the-art business aircraft hangar in Kaohsiung airport (KHH/RCKH) large enough to accommodate 5 corporate jet aircraft simultaneously. Our immense storage area allows us to maintain a catalogue of spare parts and technical pieces to deliver the highest level of service in the shortest amount of time.

Additionally, our handling team is available to you to ensure the provision of extra services and amenities such as wireless Internet connection, restrooms, conference room rental and pilot accommodations.